How May The Coronavirus Impact The Statute of Limitations in Florida?

How May The Coronavirus Impact The Statute of Limitations in Florida?

These are uncertain times, and there’s no doubt about that. One of our primary concerns is for those who’ve been injured and waited to sue to see if they healed, and are now approaching the statute of limitations. Generally, the statute of limitations for personal injury claims in Florida is four years, leaving the wrongly injured four years from the date of their accident to take legal action against the party responsible. However, with stores, courts, and many other aspects of our lives shutting down in the wake of the new coronavirus, it remains to be seen what will happen if an infected/mandatorily quarantined person misses the statute of limitations for that very reason.

Of course, this would be a very unfortunate situation, and it is not yet entirely clear what will happen in the weeks and months to come. One thing that is for sure; we will keep you posted the second we hear more. If you have any other additional questions regarding filing personal injury claims in Florida, please do not hesitate to reach out to our experienced Florida personal injury attorneys today. We are here to help you. Though things may seem unclear now, Attorney Schmitt is here to remind you that as long as you keep a positive attitude and we stick together as a nation, we will get through this.

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