Speaking With Insurance Adjusters After Your Florida Car Accident

Speaking With Insurance Adjusters After Your Florida Car Accident

Car accidents are jarring and often devastating, and if you’ve been wrongfully injured in a car accident, you are most likely now seeking financial compensation. However, to receive compensation, you will first have to go through the other party’s insurance company. Please continue reading and contact our Orlando personal injury attorney to learn more about speaking with insurance adjusters after a car accident.

What to Know About Speaking With Insurance Adjusters After Your Car Accident

After your car accident, you should keep the following in mind when speaking with insurance adjusters:

  • In most cases, insurance companies will either fail to concede that you are injured, or they will try and downplay your injuries. This is because they are businesses, and in most cases, they care more about saving money wherever possible than they do about your recovery. This is why it is critical that you insist you are injured and that you seek immediate medical treatment. Doing so can help prove the origin and extent of your injuries, and it can also detail exactly how much you had to pay in medical expenses.
  • In many cases, after auto accidents, insurance companies will tell you to go to a specific auto body shop to have your car repaired. You do not have to take this suggestion. Oftentimes, insurance companies have special deals worked out with these shops. If you have an auto body shop that you trust, use that one instead.
  • After an accident, you will most likely have to speak with the insurance company one or more times. Do not do so without the assistance of a Florida personal injury attorney. Our firm can work to ensure that you answer each question correctly (they may try and ask trick questions to trip you up), and we can also work to ensure that you do not accept any settlement that we believe is too low or unfair.
  • In many cases, insurance companies will fall silent after you deny their first settlement offer. This is because they are trying to get you to run out the statute of limitations to prevent you from taking further action. Our firm can work to ensure this does not happen, and that you meet all deadlines when filing your claim.

To learn even more about the actions you should take after a car accident in Florida, click the video below.

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