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Florida Personal Injury Law Team celebrates a Google 5-Star Rating because of the honest, hard work we do on a regular basis for those injured by neglect in the state of Florida. Don’t take our word for it. See what a handful of our clients have to say and make a decision for yourself. If you or a loved one are injured and need the help of an attorney, we hope you will contact us to see what we can do for you.

"This team was so professional and knowledgeable when it came to my case. Thomas was so caring and everyone was always on top of things. I would recommend them to anyone. Thank you everyone for doing such an amazing job."- Melanie W.

"I would recommend this Injury Law Firm to anyone injured in a car accident. Having them represent me in my personal injury case was my best choice because they did everything in my best interests. They fought on my behalf transparently by soliciting my inputs and advising me in the decision-making process so I could make informed final decisions accordingly. Therefore, may my review serve your best interest the same way the positive reviews by previous clients influenced my choice of that Law Firm when I needed a reliable Law Firm!"- Vargas M.

"A personal injury due to an automobile accident is a mind and life-altering experience. I thank God for Attorney Schmidt and the Personal Injury Law Team. I would also like to say again, thank you Attorney Schmidt, and everyone on the Personal Injury Law Team for working diligently and putting so much effort into my case. Their kind words and patience while I was going through my situation were very comforting. All their work and effort helped me to receive a favorable outcome. You can depend and rely on Attorney Schmidt and the Personal Injury Law Team to work for you and get a favorable outcome when it comes to a personal injury."- Sharon P.

"The best of the best! Thomas went to work for me and delivered me a great result and was very kind and understanding through the entire painful process of a motorcycle accident! I can’t thank them enough and if you are looking for representation for injury, LOOK NO FURTHER."- Pierce D.

"Everyone here does a great job."- Val T.

"We used Tom and his team, after my wife was involved in a crash with an uninsured driver, who had had his license permanently revoked years prior to the incident. Tom remained laser-focused on securing the best possible outcome for Lisa. He stayed in regular contact and he gave concise and timely updates. He guided us through the process and explained every step and requirement. Tom explored all avenues for redress diligently and promptly. And he secured a fair and equitable settlement. His advice was clearly in our best interest but was also pragmatic and he never sugar-coated his guidance and recommendations. We very much valued his direct and balanced approach. If we could recommend Tom and his team higher than the five stars available, we would. Thanks, Tom."- Andrew G.

"Great Law Firm. I am beyond happy with the respect and empathy I was given from day one all the way to the end. The staff is incredible and very friendly, pick up the phone or get back to you in a timely manner. Overall I was very pleased with service and expertise provided by the firm and I would highly recommend Tom and his team without the slightest hesitation."- Rodika S.

"I highly recommend Tom and the team at Florida Personal Injury Law Team. They are very responsive, compassionate and thorough to make sure they were helping in every possible way. They guided me through the process with excellent communication. It was a hard situation, but having their support made each step of the way was much appreciated. I would HIGHLY recommend Florida Personal Injury Law Team to anyone looking for a honest team who is easy to access and you can tell really cares about the outcome!"- Aubrey G.

"Thank you Tom, Matt, and the team at FPILT for being professional, honest, and attentive during our case."- C.J.

"Amazing working with them. They really cared for my situation and helped in every way they could. Truly an exceptional experience and will recommend to anyone needing a personal injury attorney. Thank you Florida Personal Injury Law Team!!!"- John D.

"This is an AWESOME ORGANIZATION...Mr. Schmitt made sure that I was represented from every angle...I “HIGHLY RECOMMEND” this firm!!!"- Sammie E.

"Very good and professional and keep me very informed step by step always available when I reached out"- Jason M.

"I was referred by a family member, would definitely recommend to anyone. Tom and everyone there were super friendly, helpful and answered all my questions. Everything went smooth and since at the time I was pregnant during the accident, they were very patient with me through everything."- Nicol S.

"Mr. Thomas Schmitt is an outstanding personal injury attorney. I was in a major motorcycle accident. Very satisfied with the results... Florida Personal Injury Law Team gets Justice for their client. He basically took on a case held by the wrong team. Not all attorneys are honest and ethical, unfortunately. Grateful!"- Previous Client

"Mr. Schmidt and The Florida Personal Injury Law Team is a professional, results-oriented law firm. Experienced experts in the field of injury law with a unique ability to understand the impact on an individual that experiences trauma due to accident or negligence. If you're seeking a legal expert with heart, these are the people to call."- Glenn F.

"Tom and his staff have shown so much compassion to us.  They have worked very hard on our behalf to ensure that we received a fair settlement.  Thank you, Tom and your staff.  We rate you 5 stars for your help."- Robert K.

"Tom Schmitt and his team are amazing. They stayed in contact and were always available. I would recommend them to anyone that needs a personal injury attorney."- Paul B.

"The Florida personal injury team helped me so much. They are extremely helpful and professional. They kept in regular contact with me and answered any questions quickly. My case was settled in a timely fashion and there were no surprises. They are personable... I never felt like I was just another case. I highly recommend them."- Heather S.

"I was involved in a car accident with a careless driver, it was my first car accident. I was stressed cause I didn't know what should I do, how to deal with all of it. A friend of mine recommended me Florida Personal Injury law team, he said "Tom is the best". What a great recommendation!!! Tom explained to me every detail on my case, his team kept me well informed throughout the entire process. The most exciting moment was when I got paid double from what I expected. I am grateful for Mr. Schmitt and the Florida Personal Injury Law Team and highly recommend them for any of your needs."- Tatiana O.

"If you want a lawyer that is respectful, looks after your case every step of the way, that is old school in actually being human, will get you the most possible settlement then hire Tom!  "- Jill S.

"Florida personal injury law team treated me like I was a family member. They answered all of my question immediately and helped me understand every detail of my case. I always felt like we mattered and were more than just a case file to them. We appreciated all the effort they put forward to get our case settled."- Tracy M.

"I was involved in a car accident which resulted in my having four herniated discs in my neck. I was recommended to Florida Personal Injury Law Team. Attorney Schmitt and his team were awesome. They frequently asked how I was doing and if I needed to ask a question, I was in contact with them quickly. I am very satisfied with Tom Schmitt and his team and would recommend them to anyone needing an injury attorney."- Stephen R.

"Genuine caring, superb interaction, and ultimate results! That's what you get with Thomas Schmitt and his legal brilliance. Any other attorney is just any other attorney."- Scott F.

"After getting rear-ended at a stoplight in a 6 car accident and being turned down by one of the big PI firms, it was recommended that I visit with Thomas P. Schmitt, Esq. He looked the case over, took it and told me exactly what would happen, what to expect, and approximately how long it would take. All turned out to be 100% dead-on, and I like honesty. His follow up was excellent and I was truly 100% satisfied with every aspect of the way the case was followed. I didn't get a huge settlement but I received the maximum I could have from the meager amount that GIECO had insured the derive at fault had. NO case is so small that it doesn't deserve attention by a professional to navigate the legal waters of maximum allowable compensation."- David B.

"Tom and his team were amazing in my case, they informed me of everything that was going on with my case, as it was happening and were always respectful and professional with me.  I would recommend Tom and his team to everyone that I know.  I also want to thank Victoria, that walked me through many steps on the computer for DocuSign.  Tom and his team are the Best!!  "- Kathy D.

"Great lawyer and person. He helped me to secure my settlement. I will recommend in the future."- Edward W.

"Tom and his team are the best!"- Arsany G.

"Tom and his team took over my case and resolved many issues for me. When I had a question about the status of the case the team was very responsive and did their best to explain the process to me so that I understood what was going on. Tom is very good at what he does and will do his best to get you what you deserve."- Justin B

"I was rear-ended by a careless driver, and I was stressed and hurt. Attorney Thomas Schmitt and Florida Personal Injury Law Team were highly recommended. He was emphatic, informative, and answered all my questions and concerns.  Every step of the way, there was constant communication. He was thorough and kept me informed. In addition, his team is exceptional and helpful. Thank you for your amazing service.  I highly recommend him."- Shamaine

"I cannot put into terms how grateful I am to Attorney Tom Schmitt and his team at Florida Personal Law Team. Every time I called his office, no matter if it was a simple question or something that was worrying me, he never failed to return my call in person. He was always very attentive and friendly. Tom always helped me stay calm before and after my surgery and other trying times. I definitely would and have recommended Tom Schmitt and his team to all my friends."- Debbie B.

"So very pleased with my experience with this law team. Not only did they keep me updated on my case but they treated me as a friend. These guys are the best."- Atnew K.

"I came to this law firm after dealing with another attorney and let me tell you this has been the BEST decision I’ve made. From the first encounter, I felt confident that I was in GREAT hands. They treated me with respect and compassion and displayed empathy. The whole team is knowledgeable and communicative, always available to talk to or return your call in a timely manner. If I’m ever in such a position again there is no question on who I will be calling...the BEST!! Thank you for expertise and for getting my case settled."- Latisha W.

"I was involved in a car accident. I was recommended to Mr. Schmitt and the Florida Personal injury Law Team. What a great recommendation. Not only was my case handled in a short time but the care and personal touch Tom and his team gave me was outstanding. I had always heard horror stories about Lawyers. Not with Tom and his team. He and his team were in constant communication with me. There was never a time throughout my case that I could not reach someone. Most of the time it was Mr. Schmitt that was in contact. It didn't matter what time of day or night. Mr. Schmitt and his team were there for me. It was extremely comforting to know that. What you want when you are involved in an accident is a piece of mind. Tom and his team gave that to me and my family. I am grateful for Mr. Schmitt and the Florida Personal Injury Law Team and highly recommend them for any of your needs. Thanks, Tom. You and your team are awesome."- Jeff P.

"The absolute best law firm ever! So patient and kind. Tom and his staff take very good care of you while guaranteeing that sunshine for the cloudy day you encountered ❤ HIGHLY RECOMMENDED❗❗"- Shaquanta W.

"Thomas and his team are exceptional! Whenever there was an update to my case I was immediately notified by Tom or his team. Thomas really cares about what he does and for the people he helps. I recommend his expertise to anyone that expects the best."- David H.

"Tom Schmitt was recommended to me by a mutual friend Marc for my automobile accident. I was very impressed with his integrity and knowledge of informing me of what was going to happen every step of the way....Thanks a million......."- Rey D.

"Tom was extremely helpful in my case! He and his team were in constant contact with me and let me know what was going throughout the entire process. Thank you also to Victoria who was very helpful the entire way. I highly recommend Tom and his team!"- Liz M.

"I endorse this lawyer. Tom was an associate attorney working for Kogan & DiSalvo. He always was diligent, ethical, honest, and smart in his handling of personal injury matters.    "- DARRYL KOGAN, PERSONAL INJURY ATTORNEY

"I endorse this lawyer. I have known Tom for over 25 years. He's one of the most talented and creative trial lawyers I know. If I were injured, I would hire Tom to represent me!    "- TERRELL YOUNGBLOOD, PERSONAL INJURY ATTORNEY

"Tom practices at the highest of ethical standards. He is brilliant, honest and trustworthy and secures excellent results from his clients.    "- KELLY CAMBRON, GOVERNMENT ATTORNEY

"I endorse this lawyer. I have known Tom for over 10 years. I have handled cases with him from pre-suit to litigation. I can honestly say that I have never worked with a more detailed, prepared lawyer in my career. I would highly recommend his skills to anyone needing an avid litigator. He is a top-shelf lawyer!!    "- ROBERT REYNOLDS, PERSONAL INJURY ATTORNEY


"I endorse this lawyer. Tom is an excellent trial attorney who clearly demonstrates excellent strategy and tactics to achieve positive results. Having referred matters to Tom and his law firm, and having worked with him, I view him as an attorney with integrity and compassion.    "- STUART ADDRESS, WRONGFUL TERMINATION ATTORNEY

"I endorse this lawyer. I watched him in action before Judge Geiger. He did a great job!    "- WILLIAM PONSOLDT, SECURITIES AND INVESTMENT FRAUD ATTORNEY

"Tom and I recently tried a case together. From competency to professionalism, he is top notch. I would not hesitate to have Tom represent one of my loved ones in a time of need.    "- CHAD LEEPER, TRUCKING ACCIDENT ATTORNEY

"Mr. Thomas Schmitt is an outstanding personal injury attorney. Very satisfied with the results of my case. Florida Personal Injury Law Team gets Justice for their client.  "- ANGELA

"Thomas Schmitt was highly recommended to me when I needed representation for an automobile accident. I was immediately impressed with his integrity and knowledge of what I was experiencing informing me of what was going to happen every step of the way. His professionalism and commitment to my case were second to none. I can assure anyone looking for a fair no-nonsense attorney for any personal injury to look no further. Tom and the Florida Personal Injury Law Team will be there in your time of need day or night, even on weekends and holidays. I too recommend them and I will not hesitate to use them again if needed.    "- REBECCA B

"The best personal injury lawyer in Florida. Do not hesitate to do business with Mr. Schmitt, he will take care of you every step of the way. Thank you Florida personal injury law team for your help.    "- STEVEN K.

"The only personal injury Law Firm I've experienced that no matter what time of day or night it is, will return an email or call. I never had to question or ask questions about my case. I was always kept informed about my case. Mr. Thomas Schmitt is a Man of integrity and character, and his staff is an excellent team to have on your side. Thanks, once again Tom.    "- LUNDI P

"I have to say it was a pleasure having Personal Injury Law Firm represent me in my time of hardship, they are reliable any time of day, very caring and understanding, they work well with each other on getting things done and are very good about keeping you informed and also making sure you understand what's going on. Tom Schmitt is an excellent attorney he's caring and compassionate. I appreciate the knowledge that he has of these types of situations and how promptly he handled things. His team is also a great bunch also very caring and compassionate super helpful I appreciate everything that you all have done for me! Thanks Again...    "- TINA GUILLEN

"Tom Schmitt and his team have been most efficient, caring and helpful during the difficult time following my auto accident. I would highly recommend this firm.    "- DALE K

"I would like to thank Tom Schmitt and the Florida Personal Injury Law Team for all of their help with my auto accident. Tom and the staff helped direct me to quality health care and let me feel at ease during that difficult time. I am extremely pleased with his thoughtfulness and guidance. Thank You again, Tom Schmitt and the Florida Personal Injury Law Team.    "- MICHAEL M

"I felt guarded and safe once I knew Thomas Schmitt would be personally handling my case. He stands for integrity and the best outcome for his clients! He is intelligent and remained extremely enthusiastic about my well being throughout the process. I already have recommended his services to several people. He is one of those people you will want to know and keep around for a lifetime!    "- JULIE R.

"Thanks to his level of confidence, commitment, and professionalism, Attorney Thomas Schmitt, of Goldstein, Schmitt & Wade, secured a settlement for my personal injury case that far exceeded my expectations. He was calm, cool and collected as he negotiated my settlement. Clearly, he had the opposing attorneys extremely uneasy with his outstanding presentation. His presence commanded the room and gave me a sense of confidence and well being. I walked into the mediation process with serious doubts about my case. It had its fair share of weaknesses and issues. However, Tom is a no-nonsense type of guy, he simply got the job done, and he got it done right. I walked out of mediation that day in disbelief. Tom made it look too easy! Due to confidentiality clauses, I am not at liberty to divulge details of my case or my settlement, but it's safe to say there was cause for celebration that night. I highly recommend Thomas Schmitt for your personal injury case. He kept me in the loop from the time he took my case right up until the time he settled the case. Unlike so many attorneys, Tom actually returns calls and e-mails in a timely fashion every time, which gave me peace of mind throughout the entire process. As his client, I never once felt neglected by him. He's a wonderful guy and a great attorney. I would not hesitate to retain him in the future.  "- DAVID

"I can't say enough wonderful things about Tom Schmitt. He is a lawyer who cares about the individual and takes the time to answer your calls or emails when needed. In my particular case I had a lawyer in the beginning who was awful and treated me like dirt, he will remain nameless, and the firm he was with will also remain nameless. I was told by a friend of Tom Schmitt, personal injury lawyer. I immediately emailed Tom Schmitt and told him my situation asking him if he would represent me in my personal injury case. Within a matter of 24 hours, Tom Schmitt called me and said he would represent me, and that was 6 months ago. I'm happy to say I've received a settlement for my personal injury, plus Tom got me 6,000 dollars more than was originally asked for. I'm a senior citizen, I'm not rich, but I expect to be treated like any other person off the street. The compassion and kindness that was shown to me by Tom Schmitt and his para legal, Nicole Lopez was outstanding. I've always believed that there are Angels out there somewhere, you just have to know where to find them. And I do have to say that Tom and Nicole are the Angels that I needed to help me win my settlement. Bravo Tom and Nicole!  "- JANET

"Tom handled, arbitrated and litigated our families wrongful death case for 3yrs and in the end we were nothing but impressed. I have no choice but to write a review that is nothing short of outstanding. Tom took on a major US corporation and in the end, we were awarded more than we had asked for, unbelievable. We highly recommend Tom and thank him for his unparalleled work.  "- ARTIE

"Mr. Schmitt kept me informed during the entire process. I was quoted realistic amount probabilities that resulted in me receiving more money than I originally expected to net. Thomas P. Schmitt is an intelligent man who obviously knows his craft. Tom is trustworthy and respects the law. I would feel comfortable recommending Mr. Schmitt to anyone in need of legal assistance."- PETER

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