What Everyone Needs to Know About Firework Safety

What Everyone Needs to Know About Firework Safety

There are very few holidays more exciting than the Fourth of July, and if you plan on having guests over for a fireworks celebration, you are most likely very excited. Of course, nearly everyone loves fireworks and it is sure to be a good day for all, provided you take all of the necessary safety precautions. Please continue reading the brief checklist below to learn more about firework safety.

Critical Firework Safety Tips

Before starting firework festivities, please read the following tips to help ensure you and your guests are safe.

  • Never purchase or use fireworks if they are illegal in your area. This is both unlawful and unsafe. 
  • Never let anyone other than responsible adults handle fireworks. This means fireworks are totally off-limits to children. 
  • Always keep pets inside, as fireworks can make them behave erratically or cause them to run away.
  • In case of an accidental fire, you must ensure that you always have a water source, such as a hose, and a fire extinguisher nearby. 
  • Always use protective glasses. 
  • Do not relight fireworks that do not go off initially. This is very dangerous. 
  • Never light fireworks without first ensuring that all guests are far away.
  • Before you throw your fireworks in the garbage, douse them with cold water to ensure they do not start a fire in the trash.

What to do After a Firework Accident

If you are injured in a firework accident, the very first thing you should do is call the police, as they will send an ambulance to transport you to a hospital for treatment. If you believe you were injured due to the property owner’s negligence, there is a very good chance you may have a valid premises liability claim, however, you must first retain the services of an experienced Florida personal injury attorney in a timely fashion. The statute of limitations for personal injury claims in Florida is, generally, four years, giving the wrongly injured four years from the date of their accident to take legal action against the liable party. Do not wait too long, for if you do, you will be barred from suing.

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