What should I know about pedestrian accidents in Florida?

What should I know about pedestrian accidents in Florida?


There are many things that are important to know after being involved in a pedestrian accident, especially here in Orlando. Because there are so many tourists that come into this town, there are many more pedestrians here than in most areas. One of the important things to know in pedestrian accidents is that folks are more liable and sometimes exclusively found to be liable in cases where a client is in a crosswalk. Here in Orlando, there are many crosswalks where the cars are required to stop for pedestrians walking through a crosswalk at a particular signal.

Another important thing to know in a pedestrian accident is that if you don’t own a car or have insurance, the car who caused your accident is not only the person who owns that car and driver of that car not only responsible for your personal injuries but also their insurance is responsible for your initial medical expenses. The later medical expenses are paid out of their liability policy but the personal injury protection policy, the one that you would normally have to protect you if you’re involved in an accident, comes out of their policy if you don’t own a car at the time. Pedestrian actions accidents can be quite complex. They can cause broken bones, spinal injuries, traumatic brain injuries, and other serious injuries.

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