What You Need to Know About Barbecue/Pool Safety

What You Need to Know About Barbecue/Pool Safety

Memorial Day is a time of both celebration and reflection. If you plan on having people over for a barbecue or pool party, you should continue reading and speak with our Florida personal injury attorney to learn more about some of the most useful barbecue and swimming pool safety tips to help ensure everyone has a good, safe, day. Here are some of the questions you may have:

What are some barbecue safety tips?

There are various actions you should take both before you start grilling and while you grill. Some of the best tips for grilling safely include never grilling on grass, ensuring you grill on a flat surface, never leave your grill unattended, ensure that children stay away from your grill, and never start your grill with the lid closed. You should also ensure that your grill is located at least 10 feet from your house and that you are always clean your grill before firing it up.

What are some swimming pool safety tips?

Swimming pools are great fun for all, however, it is critical that you take safety into account before inviting others to swim in your pool. As a pool owner, you should ensure that all drain covers are installed, that all fencing and alarms are installed when needed, and that you provide all children who cannot stand in the pool with flotation devices. You should also never leave children unattended, ensure that you inform everyone of where the safe diving zone is (or inform them if there isn’t one), and also ensure that no one uses electronics in the pool or is under the influence while in the pool.

What should I do if I’m hurt on someone else’s property?

Unfortunately, there are times where people fail to account for their guests’ safety, and if you are someone who was injured on Memorial Day because of unsafe property conditions, you may have a valid premises liability claim. Our firm can help you file this claim to obtain the financial compensation you require to heal. Simply click the video below to learn more about whether you may have a valid claim.

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