What You Should do if You Have Been Injured in a Retail Store Accident

What You Should do if You Have Been Injured in a Retail Store Accident

As stores reopen in Florida and across the nation, more and more people will incur serious injuries in those stores, oftentimes due to store owner negligence. Please continue reading and reach out to our experienced Florida personal injury attorney to learn more about retail store accidents and how our firm can help you if you have been injured in one. Here are some of the questions you may have:

What are the most common types of retail store accidents?

There are several common causes of retail store accidents, though they are most commonly attributed to some sort of negligence, usually on the part of the store owner or staff. For example, dangerous parking lots, defective sidewalks, broken stairwells/railings, malfunctioning elevators/escalators, spills left unattended in aisles, merchandise falling from shelves, and more are all common causes of retail store accidents.

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What should I do after being injured in a retail store accident in Florida?

Store property owners have a duty to ensure that their property is safe for all who enter and exit. That being said, when they know or should reasonably know about a safety hazard, fail to fix it, and you are injured and sustain damages as a result, you will most likely qualify for compensation via a premises liability lawsuit. After an accident, ensure you do the following to document all aspects of your injury:

  1. Call the police. They will send an ambulance to the scene.
  2. Speak with the store manager and inform him or her about your accident. He or she should file a store incident report.
  3. Ask anyone who saw your accident for their contact information.
  4. Take pictures of the unsafe retail store conditions that caused you to slip and fall, or otherwise sustain a serious injury.
  5. Once you are treated at the hospital, ask your doctor for all medical documentation pertaining to your injuries, including how those injuries will affect your life going forward.
  6. Retain the services of an experienced Orlando personal injury attorney who can gather and present all additional evidence needed to prove your personal injury claim. Ensure you do so within four years of the date of your accident, as if you do not take legal action in accordance with Florida’s statute of limitations, you will most likely be barred from suing. Do not let this happen. We are ready to help you today.

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Our firm understands the repercussions of a serious accident. If you are injured due to another party’s negligence, you should not have to fight the uphill battle for financial compensation on your own. When you hire one of our attorneys, you are hiring a devoted, caring, and aggressive attorney who will tenaciously fight for your rights. If you or someone you know was injured in an accident and wishes to schedule a consultation, please do not hesitate to contact Attorney Schmitt of the Florida Personal Injury Law Team today.

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